Post EsriUC 2018 Wrap Up

Post EsriUC 2018 Wrap Up

Rene Rubalcava | July 17, 2018

Well, that was a heck of an EsriUC. You can see a lot of the action on the @EsriUC twitter account.

UC is interesting, it's a mix of users, managers, analysts, techs, devs, people from other industries interested in how spatial can fit into their workflows. Whereas DevSummit is heavily focused on devs and geogeekness. It's fun to get to meet users that are brand new to spatial and even brand new to development or maybe new to JavaScript!

If you swung by the JavaScript island at the UC, you probably had the pleasure of talking to the folks that work directly on the JSAPI, and hopefully got some great insight into and awesome answers.

There is some #esrijs knowledge transfer happening here at #esriuc, you got questions, we have possible answers! #geodev

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I was only there a couple of days this year, but I had some people share some really cool stuff they were working on and I think was able to answer some very specific questions. The team got some great feedback on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, some interesting use cases that we've taken to heart and are looking at what we can do to improve the API even further, which is fantastic for everyone. Like I say, it's our goal to make you a badass at what you do.

I had a great time seeing some familiar faces, people I used to work with, previous mentors and teachers, and had a great time meeting new users.

I did have the pleasure of presenting with Kelly Hutchins on best practices for building apps. You can find the slides for this presentation here. This was our first time doing this specific session, and I've got some ideas on how to tweak it for the next time around. Some good tips in here.

I also did a presentation on Optimizing your apps with L-loyd Heberlie. This was a PPT, which will be available at a later time. But, you can check out the demo app I showed on github. We talked about the webpack-plugin and the cli.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Esri DevSummit and I think the Esri European DevSummit! Hack away!