I'm going to Berlin

I'm going to Berlin

Rene Rubalcava | December 1, 2016

That's right, I will be at the Esri European Developer Summit next week. That's why the blog post is late this week, I am swamped.

I was a late addition to the party, so I had quite a bit of catching up to do.

I'll be involved in preconference ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript training session. This has honestly taken most of my time recently, because I've been working nonstop to put the material and slides together for this session. if you are attending this session, there is some deep material in here on some core building blocks of the API and some stuff coming up in 4.2. I tried to lay it out so you aren't swimming in the deep end from the start, but when you get there, you'll know it. It's full of really solid information though, so I'm sure you'll get quite a bit out of it.

I'll also be representing the JavaScript API in the plenary, which I am thrilled to do. I'm more than happy to represent the team out here and I hope I do them all justice. I'm also involved in a couple of sessions during the week and I'll be open to questions all week long, so if you are at the event, please feel free to hit me up!

People are putting lots of work into making sure this is a great DevSummit, there is something for everyone.

Let's get this out of the way. I don't like to fly.


It's more, the taking off and landing... and most of inbetween, like being over an ocean and turbulence. Yeah, not my thing really, but I am working to get over it. My longest flight has been about six hours or so to Hawaii, but I had my wife with me, so I didn't feel so anxious. I've done some smaller flights to the Bay area and Portland that I've survived. This Berlin trip is around 11 hours. I'm going to just take some magnesium, melatonin and try to sleep it out.

Because I don't fly, I never bothered getting a passport and that has been a joy to get on short notice, but the folks at Esri were incredible in helping me out. I figure once I've got this 11 hour flight under my belt, that should help to alleviate my flight anxiety. Now Esri can send me anywhere that has some JavaScript needs!

I look forward to meeting some great people in Berlin and sharing some of the exciting work that has been with the JavaScript API this past year!