DevSummit 2016 Day 1

DevSummit 2016 Day 1

Rene Rubalcava | March 8, 2016

Or is it Day 2? Tough to tell.

I had crappy wifi last night, so this a late blog post.

Yesterday I just practiced for plenary and spent some time at the showcase island in the afternoon. Not much to report.

Today was the plenary, which I was more than proud and excited to be a part of. I have to tell you, I was surprised and honored to be asked to join the plenary along with a ton of other really talented and well-spoken people. It was exciting and fun.

I've only been at Esri about 9 months and here I am part of the plenary line-up. That's bonkers.

Everything went off without a hitch. I even got makeup.

I was glad to get feedback that people thought I was really comfortable up there. It was also my first chance to see what happens behind the scenes to run the show. Let's just say, there are some very hard working people behind that curtain, some of which you never see, so a big shout out and thanks to those folks!

I couldn't get Periscope to work on my phone. I'm going to blame Android and add this to list of one more reason I should just buy an iPhone. Lots of tweeting and instagramming backstage today.

I had my Vector Tiles section with Craig Williams today and let me tell you, Craig knows his shit. I mean, I can tell you how the Vector Tiles are used in the API and some of the stuff submitted with the Mapbox PR, but when it comes down to it, I'm glad to be a part of this session.

I also worked the showcase floor today. This is really a lot of fun because you get some very interesting questions. Doesn't mean I can answer them all, but I'll sure as hell try. I also really enjoy seeing what kind of projects people are working on and how they are using the API to build some really cool apps. I saw a couple of ideas I think I might even experiment with.

I also want to say thanks to everyone that just came up to say hi. Either about the plenary or just about the blog or book or videos or just in some way for the work that I do. It's greatly appreciated and I'm honored to be able to give back to a geodev community that I've been a part of for a number of years. I hope to be able to show you guys some really cool stuff throughout the rest of the year, in particular when the ArcGIS JS API 4.0 is final and I can finally share of the cool updates and functionality I think you'll really enjoy.

See at the DevSummit folks!