ArcGIS API 4.0 Overview

ArcGIS API 4.0 Overview

Rene Rubalcava | January 17, 2016

The ArcGIS 4.0 Beta has had three releases so far and has introduced plenty of new features and functionality.

This video covers a series of samples that have been created to demonstrate and explain some of these new features. It is incredibly useful for developers moving the 3.x API to 4.0.

The repo of demos can be found here.

These samples include demos of Accessors, Collections, Maps and Views separation, Promises, fromJSON methods, advanced use of SceneViews camera, LayerViews, and of course one of my favorites, View Models!

This repo also contains links to various resources for JavaScript developers using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

The resources page is a great way to view how you can use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript with multiple frameworks and libraries and how the 4.0 Beta makes this task even easier. Especially using View Models with the frameworks like Angular 2 and Ember.

Get more familiar with the 4.0 API and be ready to build applications to meet your needs and the needs of your users!

The first draft of the new Introduction to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 will be released soon and it covers all these new features and more in depth. Stay tuned and sign up to this blogs mailing list to stay updated.