Using the ArcGIS REST Query Page

Using the ArcGIS REST Query Page

Rene Rubalcava | September 18, 2016

This is a quick intro to use the ArcGIS REST Query pages.

The REST Query page is a great tool you can use to test and debug your queries of Services in the ArcGIS Platform. Although the descriptions provided are clear, it's sometimes unclear what parameters they map to.

I can't go over each and every parameter (I could, but it would be a longer video), I hope to help you out to see how the descriptions can map to the parameters listed in The ArcGIS REST API documentation. The documentation does a great job of providing sample queries and results that will give you a great start to debugging your applications.

Remember, all the ArcGIS APIs and SDKs are based on the REST APIs, so the more familiar you become with the REST API, the easier it will be for you to transition from using the JavaScript API to using the iOS SDK for example.

The REST API query pages have been part of ArcGIS Services for as long as I can remember, and they have always proven to be a great resource in my own development.

If you think it warrants having a clearer guide on all the options and parameters, let me know and I can put something together!