Updated ArcGIS Online Item Details Page

Updated ArcGIS Online Item Details Page

Rene Rubalcava | June 19, 2016

The most recent update to the ArcGIS Online platform introduced some really great new features.

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One of the interesting updates was done in the Item Details Pages.

The Item Details page is the frontline where you can edit, visualize and configure your item for use in the platform.

With these new updates, it is no much easier to...

  • Quickly add the layer to a Map or Scene
  • Edit the attributes of your data without a Map
  • Update the visualization of your data without creating a WebMap
  • Control who has access and how much access

This makes it much easier for you to work with your data directly in the item details without having to load everything into a WebMap and configure it there.

Learn More

So take a look at this video for an overview of the Item Details Page!

It used to be that in order to update the visualization of a FeatureLayer, you had to add it to a WebMap, update the visualization in the WebMap and then export that item with it's updated visualization as a new item or just use the visualization as part of the WebMap. This process has been greatly simplified, it's so easy, even I could do it!

There were more updates done to AGO in the latest release, and I'l cover more of those new features in the coming weeks!