Esri-leaflet 1.0 is out

Esri-leaflet 1.0 is out

Rene Rubalcava | July 13, 2015

So as of right now, LeafletJs is at 1.0 beta1, which for anyone that has been using Leaflet for a while, is a big deal. In all honesty, everyone already knew the current release was stable as-is, but to get to a 1.0 release, even in beta is a big deal. So in anticipation of that and with features in place, Esri-leaflet is now at 1.0.

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That's very cool and congratulations to the team that made it possible. And because the release train never stops, there is a 2.0 checklist looking forward.

You can get more details on the 1.0 announcement and a peak at what's coming in 2.0 on the wiki.

This is exciting news and I know I'll be rolling up my sleeves soon to get my hands dirty with Leaflet and Esri-Leaflet. Maybe I can get a PureScript rewrite... hmmm.