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DIY Redux using EsriJS 4

I’m a big fan of React. Mostly because it’s focused one thing and that’s on building components. It’s up to me to decide how I want to use those components and wire them together. One of the first architectures released for React apps was Flux and Flux is great for managing separation of updating state…

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Quick tip – Build React into your Dojo apps

So I spent some time this past weekend fussing around with getting a Dojo app built with React. I was going through and replacing use of Dijits for React components. Everything was working just fine in development. It was awesome! Then I tried to build it with the Dojo build system and none of the…

esrijs reactjs

EsriJS with ReactJS

I really enjoy experimenting with frameworks and libraries. Even back when I was doing ActionScript dev, I was a big fan of Swiz and Robotlegs. When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, I try to give each one a shot, from Backbone to Knockout and Angular. One library I have really grown to enjoy has been…