FlexMapTools for ESRI Flex API

For a couple of years now, I have been working with the ESRI Flex API to build Flex Mapping applications at work. Over that time, I like to think I have learned quite about programming and Flex/Flash in general. I would consider myself an intermediate and I continue to learn more everyday (more like shoehorn it in my brain). Developer is not my title, but I do it anyway. I think it was in The Passionate Programmer or Pragmatic Thinking and Learning where I read that one of the tools to learn to program was to share your code and see what others have to say.

So aside from posting little snippets here and there, I decided to put portions of my library file of common tools I use to develop ESRI Flex Mapping applications on github as the FlexMapTools library.

I’ll continue to build on this library and hopefully improve my own skills as well as maybe assist some other developers with their projects. There are lots of other items I use not in the library yet, mostly because I think it still needs some cleaning up. I’m also hoping for some critique. I’m pretty much flying solo in my learning path when it comes to development, so I don’t really have a mentor. I just attempt to absorb knowledge via internet osmosis and following smart people on twitter.