GIS Developer, Analyst… WIZARD. Author and screencaster. Primary GIS development skills include, but are not limited to JavaScript, C# (.NET), and Python. Constant learner, currently interested in Haskell, Elm, and PureScript.

I write lots of JavaScript and TypeScript. Some of it good, some of it horrible, but I do it with a passion!

As an Esri employee, The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Esri’s position, strategies, or opinions.

Check out my Products page to see my books and published screencasts.

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  • Ionarawilson


    Your tool seems awesome! I am a begginer in Flex and I am developing a web app outside Flex Viewer. I downloaded your files but I have a question: which Flex SDK they are for and what is the version of the API flex I should use? Can you please email me at ionarawilson@gmail.com

    Thank you a lot for this!!! Ionara.

  • Alfia Ansari

    I very badly need help in creating a custom plugin for arcgis on sisense which is a BI tool and uses angularJS.

  • Orlando

    Hi Rene,
    I see you have explored using most of the popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Your posts are very enlightening. I am wondering what your thoughts are in using Web Components (e.g. Polymer) with the ArcGIS API. I remember hearing during the last Dev summit that the API would eventually migrate to using Web Components. At the moment, I’m interested in the most appropriate tools and process for developing map-centric applications.

  • Ryan


    Have you had any lucky creating custom builds of Web AppBuilder apps? If so, would you mind posting examples of the build profile?

    Thanks a lot

  • Andrew Murdoch

    I’m interested in creating a custom build of a custom WAB Dev edition app as well! It seems that Dojo / AMD / widgets don’t play well with tools that I’ve explored like gulp and gulp-concat… It would sure be nice to cut back on the massive number of javascript files requested by a WAB app in production. Can you provide any guidance? Thanks

  • Christina McCullough

    What software do you use for development?

  • These days I mainly use Visual Studio Code. It’s great for lots of the TypeScript development that I do!