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Node for your ArcGIS Dev

Need a local server anyway One of the things that tripped a lot of users up when the ArcGIS JavaScript API moved to version 3.0 and started using Dojo 1.7 as it’s core was the fact that you needed to use a server to test your applications. This is by no fault of the ArcGIS

CoffeeScript, Visual Studio and Sublime Text 2

I had previously written about simplifying your dev environment. Most of the day to day work that I do, I can manage with vim just fine. But I also use Visual Studio quite a bit for ASP/MVC3 and (don’t laugh) Silverlight. So when I do web dev in Visual Studio, I like to set up

ESRI-JSON to GeoJSON, with Node.js

I’ll admit, my professional GIS development experience is in the ESRI sphere. It’s what we use at work and it’s what I’ve been using for going on 10 years now. I’m familiar with FOSS4G, but have not really had the opportunity to develop any projects incorporating it. Because of this, I was not really aware

Node.js native extension with a hammer and a prayer

I get excited about dumb stuff when it comes to programming, so when I first heard about Node.js, it seemed so out there I was like, Ice Cream Ballz, I have to try this! I experimented, read the books, guides, online tutorials and decided, I am in, you got me. When a good man goes