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Esri ClusterFeatureLayer

Too many damn points If you have ever worked with a somewhat large amount of points in a web mapping application, in particular with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, you know the pain points it can take to display that much data on a map. It could be five-thousand, fifty-thousand or a one-thousand, depending on

2014 Goals. Growth and Challenges

2013 turned out to be a pretty interesting year. Looking back at my goals for the year, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I’ve had some new challenges, took on some new work and sharpened my current skills. What I got done I’ve really picked up the pace in terms of my JavaScript

Modularized ArcGIS JS, overboard.

I got problems Sometimes I’m not sure what I enjoy doing more, writing code or working with build tools. I recently went on a caffeine fueled bender trying to figure out how to best solve a problem that I run into all too often. Managing changes and fixes in my codebase along all my projects.

Get ArcGIS Web Development Half Off

Today is a pretty sweet deal at Manning Publications where you can get all ebooks for half price using code dotd1216au. This of course will also work for my book, ArcGIS Web Development. Other titles I would recommend are PostGIS In Action 2nd Edition and Location-Aware Apps. Thanks for looking!

RequireJS for single-file builds: revisited.

Someone recently started a github repo using RequireJS to build their ArcGIS JavaScript applications. This piqued my interest as it’s something I had done in the past, but at some point r.js or node didn’t work properly together anymore with my build file. Rather than fuss with it, I moved on to using Grunt to

ArcGIS Web Development

I’m writing a book. I’ve been somewhat quiet on this project for the past few months aside from some folks who have been gracious enough to review some of my content and make sure I wasn’t completely off the rails on certain items, but earlier this year I began the task of writing a book

Using AngularJS with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

A developers inner crisis If you have worked at all with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, then you know that it is built with Dojo Toolkit. This gives us quite a bit of utility when developing applications, including but not limited to the Dojo AMD loader, and various APIs baked right in. If you want

Quick Tip: ArcGIS JavaScript Dynamic InfoTemplate

I see questions pop up once in a while about building a dynamic popup, but excluding some fields from showing up or adding a hyperlink. The classic way to do this is to write up the content of your popup ahead of time. There are a couple of examples of this in the developer samples.

Node for your ArcGIS Dev

Need a local server anyway One of the things that tripped a lot of users up when the ArcGIS JavaScript API moved to version 3.0 and started using Dojo 1.7 as it’s core was the fact that you needed to use a server to test your applications. This is by no fault of the ArcGIS

Embrace Your Modules

A thousand steps to nowhere… I think the first programming language I really started writing code in was Visual Basic 6. I had done some scripting previously in AutoCAD for simple things and I had done some VBA in Office, but VB6 was when I first wrote stuff that was taken seriously (sorta). I remember