Fun with EsriJS Geometry Engine

The release of version 3.13 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript introduced the beta version of the Geometry Engine. Since this is still considered beta, there are probably some missing features, maybe a few bugs here and there, so use with caution. What the hell is it? The Geometry Engine is analogous to Turf. I’m…

dojo flux

Dojo Flux (lite)

React has blown up in popularity and has become a favorite among many JavaScripters. I am admittedly a fan and have even tried to integrate it with some of my Dojo and ArcGIS API for JavaScript projects. One of the neat things that has also come out of Reacts popularity is the Flux application architecture…


EsriJS with Ramda

When you start looking into what the latest JavaScript craze is, chances are you will end up at TodoMVC and twirl your handlebar mustache or stroke your beard. It’s a decent enough sample that developers can use to see how a framework functions. Not everyone may agree with it, but as a quick snapshot of…

hacjing esrijso

Hacking the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Web Optimizer

This is a video on how to use the node tool esrijso-modules to create a custom build of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript using the Web Optimizer.

devsummit aftermath

Esri Dev Summit 2015: Aftermath

Ok, this will be my last post on the Esri Developer Summit for 2015, I promise. I had put up a post a day all last week for the Esri Dev Summit at the end of each day, but now I’ve had a whole weekend to let it all set in and kind of let…

esri devsummit 2015

Esri Developer Summit 2015: Last Day

It’s been a full, yet quick week of geodev geekness here at the Esri Dev Summit. The night before, a buddy opened a tab at the bar, so suffice it to say, I missed the first morning sessions, but I was there in spirit. Enterprise, builds, and deployment I went to check out a session…

esri devsummit 2015

Esri Developer Summit 2015: Day 3

For those of us that braved the pre-noon hours, there were some good sessions this morning that I was able to attend. Dojo I sat in on Dojo – The Good Parts, which was an updated talk that was done last year. This was a good session for users just getting started with the ArcGIS…

esri devsummit 2015

Esri Developer Summit 2015: Day 2

It was day 2 of Esri Developer Summit 2015 and it was a blast. Keynote The keynote was by John Tomizuka of Taqtile which was really refreshing I think for this crowd. It was great to see someone who works in the trenches of developing applications and being able to see what problems they tackle…

esri devsummit 2015

Esri Developer Summit 2015: Day 1

Day one of Esri Developer Summit officially kicked off today. Here is my rundown of stuff I saw today. Plenary I missed the first half of the plenary because it was way too packed and I hadn’t had enough coffee to just stand there. I did catch the second half of the plenary and saw…

esri devsummit 2015

Esri Developer Summit 2015: Day 0.5

The Esri Developer Summit 2015 kicks off this week. technically it starts tomorrow with the plenary, but there have been pre-summit training sessions since yesterday and tonight there are lightning talks. I’ll be doing a lightning talk tonight on Leaflet Controls if you want to see a quick five-minute rundown on how they work. I’m…