esrijs4 collections

Using EsriJS Collection as a Store

I talked a bit about Collections in the ArcGIS JS API 4.0beta. Remember, Collection is part of core in 4.0, so it’s helpful to get familiar with it. To demonstrate how to do this, let’s play around with some free traffic camera data,from the Washington State DoT. You can sign up for an API key…

esrijs select

Quick Tip: Interact with your Graphics

You ever been working with your ArcGIS JS application and doing some feature selections and you’re getting kind of bored and tired of the same old highlight of features? Sure you could change the highlight symbol and fuss around with some cool symbology. But why not take it a step further? Don’t just highlight features,…

dojo aspect

Quick tip: dojo/aspect to dig in

When you use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript you already have Dojo and all it’s capabilities available for you to use. One of the more useful modules you may or may not use very much is dojo/aspect. The dojo/aspect module is very interesting. It provides a lightweight mechanism for you to do aspect-oriented programming in…


ArcGIS API 4.0 Overview

The ArcGIS 4.0 Beta has had three releases so far and has introduced plenty of new features and functionality. This video covers a series of samples that have been created to demonstrate and explain some of these new features. It is incredibly useful for developers moving the 3.x API to 4.0. The repo of demos…


CycleJS with ArcGIS JS API

A while ago, I had seen a tweet about a new JavaScript framework called Cycle.js, so of course I had to check it out. It touts itself as “A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for cleaner code”. Ok, cool, let’s check it out. My first look at it and it relies heavily on RxJS Observables….

esri angular2

Angular 2 with ArcGIS JS API

One of my most popular blog posts is Using AngluarJS with ArcGIS API for JavaScript. It’s an older version of Angular and an older version of the API, but it still gets a lot of traffic. I’ve been wanting to do a follow up for a while, especially with Angular 2 making a lot of…


2016 Goals: More Cowbell

Well, 2015 was interesting for sure. Some pretty major changes, all for the better. These were my 2015 goals and while I was doing well in all of them, some pretty big changes happened during the year to mix things up a bit. Things that happened I left my cushy local government job of 13…

arcgis view models

View Models in ArcGIS JS API

This past couple of months marked not one, not two, but three releases for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. You had 3.15, 4.0beta2 and then 4.0beta3. These releases have introduced Vector Tile Support, new Popup and now with 4.0beta3 release, View Models. What is a View Model Since 4.0beta1, we were introduced to this concept…

arcgis kml


People have a lot of KML files sitting around out there. The ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 beta isn’t quite feature-complete, although it does provide a lot of new features over 3.x. One of the features users have been wondering about is the KMLLayer that is available in the 3.x version of the API. Now,…

typescript elmlang esrijs

TypeScript, Elm and ArcGIS API for JavaScript

I have quite the affinity for learning programming languages and frameworks. It’s a guilty pleasure that sometimes I just let myself get drunk on. I recently got hammered on Elm and TypeScript. I’ve been doing quite a bit of TypeScript lately. I started learning it a while ago and I thoroughly enjoy it. About a…