ago enrichment

Uploading and Enriching Data in ArcGIS Online

This video covers how you can upload data into your ArcGIS Online account and then use the built in GeoEnrichment tools to enhance your datasets to make them even more valuable. The ArcGIS GeoEnrichment tools give you the ability to combine demographic data with your own datasets. This allows you to enrich your data and…

esrijs oauth

Adding OAuth to your ArcGIS JS Apps

This video covers how you can add OAuth to your ArcGIS API for JavaScript applications. We’ll even cover how to create your own application in ArcGIS Online so that you can generate a clientId and a clientSecret that you can use in a proxy or as part of the IdentityManager in the API. You can…

arcgis developer

Setting up a Free ArcGIS Developers Account

This week I’m going to cover how to quickly sign up for a free ArcGIS Developers Account and also how you can create new FeatureServices as well as application level authentication for your apps. When you sign up for a developers account, you get access to 50 credits per month to test-drive the ArcGIS platform….


embedded maps

Communicating with Embedded Map Apps

Sometimes you want to embed a mapping application into a separate application via an iframe element. You may want to embed in a dashboard application or some other application related to the data on the map, but the map is not the main focus of the application. The question at this point becomes how can…

geometry intersections

Geometry Tips for Intersections

I came across an interesting GeoNet post the other day about getting the points from intersecting lines. This is similar to problems I’ve come across in the past while working with ArcMap to create data from street intersections as well sewer-line connections to main sewer lines. Normally this is the type of information you can…


Using Intern with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Intern is a JavaScript testing framework maintained and developed by the folks at SitePen that also maintain the Dojo Toolkit. It’s a great framework that allows you to run unit tests, functional tests, as well as integrate with cloud-based browser testing like Saucelabs or BrowserStack. This video shows how the unit tests in the sample…

yeoman arcgis

Updated Yeoman Generator for ArcGIS JS Apps

I finally had some time to work on updating the Yeoman Generator for ArcGIS JS Apps. I really wanted to add support for version 4.0 of the ArcGIS JS API and was able to do that as well as provide the ability to choose Stylus or Sass as the CSS preprocessor. I prefer Stylus, but…


My week at EsriUC 2016

Last week was a jam-packed week of EsriUC 2016. This was my second year attending the UC as an Esri employee, which means I had more presentations to do this year, which was awesome. I really enjoy doing these sessions, I’m pretty comfortable talking to crowds of people about tech and all things geo, so…

smart mapping

Time based Smart Mapping in ArcGIS Online

The latest updates to ArcGIS Online introduced a great new Smart Mapping capability. The ability to create visualizations based on time data. The ability to explore your data based on temporal information is incredibly useful and adds a new way for users to be able to create enticing maps and tell whole new stories. In…

arcgis item details

Updated ArcGIS Online Item Details Page

The most recent update to the ArcGIS Online platform introduced some really great new features. Are you a developer who hasn’t really familiarized yourself with the Online tooling? Go sign up for a free developer account, because Online is all about learning the platform and that will help you to improve your ArcGIS API for…