arcgis api for javascript edits

Quick Tip – Simple Edits for ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Do you do some basic editing in your ArcGIS API for JavaScript? Do you find yourself writing the same code over and over again? Yeah me too. I was doing this enough that I had decided to just turn basic feature editing functions into a widget. This doesn’t really concern itself with attachments or attribute…

arcgis cartodb

CartoDB with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

When it comes to storing spatial data in the cloud, you have a handul of options. If you’re using Esri tech, there’s ArcGIS Online. Or maybe you’re rolling your own PostGIS on AWS or OpenShift or elsewhere. If you’re a fan of PostGIS, I’d highly recommend CartoDB. CartoDB is great for storing data in a…

esrijs dojo

Video – Intro to custom ArcGIS API for JavaScript widgets

In this video I give a brief overview of the Dijit lifecycle and how you might use it to build a custom widget for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


Exploring new Turf

TurfJS is a relatively new library that allows you to do spatial analysis in the browser. Turf is great because it works with GeoJSON. This means it’s suited very well to work with Leaflet. So well that it’s even included as a plugin for Mapbox now. I’ve used some of Turfs capabilities in a couple…

esrijs reactjs

EsriJS with ReactJS

I really enjoy experimenting with frameworks and libraries. Even back when I was doing ActionScript dev, I was a big fan of Swiz and Robotlegs. When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, I try to give each one a shot, from Backbone to Knockout and Angular. One library I have really grown to enjoy has been…

dbind esrijs

dbind in your ArcGIS JS apps

Dojo has a lot of strength in it’s Dijit library. Dijits can be used to build very basic reusable user interfaces or wire together some very complicated interfaces. One example is that of FreeNAS which has a pretty extensive interface. You can get some good tips on building a custom widget here and here. I…

dojo toolkit

Getting your Dojo on

Dojo has been around for quite a long time, since around 2004. Dojo is not an MV-something framework in the same way as Backbone or Angular. Although Dojo has all the bits to do so if you wanted to. Loader lover Dojo however is just as it’s name says. It’s a toolkit, with a collection…

leaflet control

Custom Leaflet Control

One of the reasons people are big fans of Leafletjs is due to the simplicity of the API. Leaflet offers a lot of power in that simplicity and it’s also quite extensible. That much is apparent just by looking at all the available plugins users have built for it. You can even add custom controls…

clojurescript leaflet

Clojurescript with Leaflet

Last week I talked about some testing I have been doing with PureScript & Leaflet. In that post I mentioned I had also been doing some testing with ClojureScript. If you are new to ClojureScript, it is a compiler for Clojure to JavaScript. Clojure is a Lisp that works on the JVM and even the…

purescript leaflet

PureScript with Leaflet Experiments

Not another damn JavaScript compiler Yeah yeah, I know. For a long time, I really enjoyed using CoffeeScript and I have spent quite a bit of time learning ClojureScript. I’ve given┬áTypeScript a hard time in the past, but I’ve changed my tune about it. Recently I have been digging my head down into Haskell, mostly…