Quick Preview of ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4

The release for version 4.0 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is almost ready for prime-time, and although the betas have seen steady releases during the development lifecycle, I just wanted to give a quick preview of some of the cool features available to you! Some of the cool features covered in this quick demo…


Let’s get Charty!

People dig charts. They can give quick looks at your data, and may even prove enlightening. I don’t really deal with charts too often anymore, but it comes up enough that I thought we could look at a couple of ways to get chart data using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. I figured for this…

geometry engine

Fun with GeometryEngine

The GeometryEngine in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is a very cool and powerful feature inside the API. I highly recommend you check out these series of blog posts on the Esri blogs to check out some of it’s uses in an application setting. I wanted to play around with using the GeometryEngine to see…

ember esri

Reflecting on Ember Conf 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to attend EmberConf 2016 in Portland, Oregon from Esri. Ember is one of the frameworks used for application development here, so it was really good to catch up on current development in the community. First off, I had to fly, which I’m not a fan of, but I’m getting…


react dojo

Quick tip – Build React into your Dojo apps

So I spent some time this past weekend fussing around with getting a Dojo app built with React. I was going through and replacing use of Dijits for React components. Everything was working just fine in development. It was awesome! Then I tried to build it with the Dojo build system and none of the…

arcgis vector tiles

Custom ArcGIS Vector Tile Styles

With the introduction of Esri Vector Tile maps and their use in both the 3.x and 4.0beta, more and more people are going to be creating applications that utilize them. You can always copy a style file to your ArcGIS account and edit that style to create some interesting and sometimes bright custom styles for…


DevSummit 2016: Recap

Ok, so I know I said I would do daily recaps of DevSummit last week, but my days ran longer than expected and I had less time for recaps than I thought. I already talked about plenary and the vector tiles sessions I did. So I’ll talk a little about my other sessions. Yann and…


DevSummit 2016 Day 1

Or is it Day 2? Tough to tell. I had crappy wifi last night, so this a late blog post. Yesterday I just practiced for plenary and spent some time at the showcase island in the afternoon. Not much to report. Today was the plenary, which I was more than proud and excited to be…


Road to DevSummit

Next week is the Esri Developer Summit and things are looking pretty good. They keynote speaker this year is none other than Douglas Crockford, who is always a pleasure to see speak. There’s a packed agenda this year, where I’m sure a dev could definitely find something that interests them. A personal year Normally, I’d…

ember esri

Update on Ember with ArcGIS JS API

This video will quickly walk you through setting up how to use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0beta3 with the ember-cli. Using the ember-cli-amd addon is easy to do and quickly integrate the ArcGIS JS API into your Ember applications.