arcgis beta 2

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 Beta2

Last week, Esri announced the release of the ArcGIS JS API 4.0 Beta 2. I’ve talked a lot about the 4.0 beta and a lot of the new features available with it. It’s not just the 3D functionality, which is cool, but also much of the core of the API such as Accessor, Collections, Promises,…

esrijs bower

Using Bower to build ArcGIS API for JavaScript Apps

Esri recently announced the release of a Bower package for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The repo for the Bower package can be found here. There is also a repo with examples on how to do local builds using Dojo and RequireJS. Easy Bower Install 1bower install –save arcgis-jsp-api This makes it incredibly easy to…


Simple What3Words Widget in ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Recently, there was an announcement that Esri and What3Words were partnering up and that What3Words would be coming to ArcGIS Online and Desktop and Server. I have no idea how that integration is going to play out, but hey, you can start using What3Words in your ArcGIS JS Apps today. What is What3Words? If you’re…


Using dstore in EsriJS

One of the libraries included with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is dstore. I talked about using dstore with your custom dijits not too long ago, but I felt like a little more ground could be covered here. I haven’t really seen people taking advantage of the power that dstore can bring to your application,…


Using Yeoman ArcGIS JS App Generator

This video covers how to use the ArcGIS JS App Generator to quickly scaffold an application with testing and build tools provided. This way you can quickly get an application up and running without having to worry about basic setup and application structure.


Quick Tip – Collections in EsriJS Beta 4

I’ve talked a lot about some cool features of the ArcGIS API for JavaScrtipt beta 4. I think Accessors are a great component of the new API, which has lots of applications. One other really interesting module in the API is the esri/core/Collection. You can think of Collection as a store for Arrays, with some…


Drawing all the things in ArcGIS API JS Beta

DIY Drawing in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 Beta I’ve talked a lot about the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0beta. It has some really cool features and lots of neat stuff still to come. One of the things currently not finished yet in the beta API is a drawing tool. I talked about DIY…


Quick Tip – Map Freeze

Have you been working with a Map in your ArcGIS JS API app and thought to yourself, gee, it would be cool if I could make a nice print layout for my map. And yeah, there is the print widget and the nifty print task on ArcGIS Server. But we’ve all struggled with this in…

arcgis online geojson

GeoJSON in ArcGIS Online

GeoJSON is the de facto standard for sharing spatial data online. It’s a neat format that keeps things simple. I think I’ve heard it called it “…the shapefile of the internet”. Like shapefiles, you can take this simple piece of data and you can upload into ArcGIS Online using your free ArcGIS Developer account and…

arcgis online

ArcGIS Online for Developers

There was a time where I was confused about ArcGIS Online. I was primarily a desktop user, an ArcMap warrior. I think I was still honing my Flex chops when ArcGIS Online was introduced. It started as an interesting concept, being able to share data online, having some basic map making features, but I didn’t…