esrijs map views

Maps and Views in ArcGIS JS API

Imagine for a moment that you have a clear box that you can hold in the palm of your hands. Now imagine that you place little cut out figures in the box, maybe an astronaut fighting a dragon, that would be pretty cool, swords and mountain cut outs included. You can place the box on…

esrijs 3d

Fun with Accessors in ArcGIS JS 4.0beta1

Last week I talked about how cool ES5 Accessors in the ArcGIS JS API 4.0beta1 are. This week, I want to talk a little more about how you might be able to do some cool stuff with them in your applications. New Point of View Before we dive in to a sample, I want to…


ArcGIS JS API 4.0 beta1 Accessors

Ok, so technically the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0beta1 isn’t a final product, but it has some really nice features that users and developers should really enjoy and be excited about. Yeah yeah, 3D, cool and all and I’m sure you’ll hear plenty about it. But I want to talk more bare metal. I want…

esri leaflet

Esri-leaflet 1.0 is out

So as of right now, LeafletJs is at 1.0 beta1, which for anyone that has been using Leaflet for a while, is a big deal. In all honesty, everyone already knew the current release was stable as-is, but to get to a 1.0 release, even in beta is a big deal. So in anticipation of…


Five things I learned writing an Ember-cli addon

I recently talked about how to use EmberJS with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. I also talked about how this was done using ember-cli and provided via an addon I wrote called ember-cli-amd. This was a great learning experience and I thought I would share some of my big takeaways from this project. The Ember-cli…

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Ember with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

I’m a person that likes to try new frameworks and toolets. Even when I was doing Flash development, I really enjoyed using Swiz and Robotlegs, and with JavaScript, aside from the staples of jQuery and Dojo I’ve enjoyed Backbone, Knockout, Angular, React and much more. Some of these tools tend to be a little easier…

esrijs dstore

Quick tip: dstore with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Have you been in the dijit trenches? Have you used dijit FilteringSelect or dijit Trees? If you have, you probably know the joys of working with the dojo/store modules. These aren’t bad modules. They definitely serve a purpose when it comes to working with data-binding to UI elements. But did you know the guys at…

arcgis css

Custom CSS for ArcGIS API for JavaScript Apps

Have you ever wanted to make your ArcGIS API for JavaScript apps shine? Want to give them a touch of your own style? Here’s a quick tip to help you do just that!


Smart Mapping for Devs

It’s been about three months now since the latest Esri Dev Summit, but I’m still digging stuff up in my notes that I haven’t had a chance to look over yet. One of those items I saw that I thought was pretty cool was the idea of Smart Mapping. In a nutshell, Smart Mapping is…

es6 arcgis

Use ES2015 with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

At the most recent Esri Developer Summit, I did a presentation on using ES6 for ArcGIS JavaScript development. ES6 is now referred to as ES2015, but I’m still not use to calling it that. I realized recently that I had not really discussed ES6 other than using it with a Leaflet project. So today, I…